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Save money and our planet with "green" refurbished ID card printers.

Green ID Card Printers

Posted By amerid on Jul 14, 2010 at 2:16PM

Plastic ID card printers have a couple of new players in the field that specialize in "green" product, and it's worth looking into for companies and reps who want to both offer a green solution and promote eco-friendly business practices in the industry. AmerID owner Phil Stegora has recently taken his company through a complete green overhaul and certification process that extends to product and operations, and it's showing a dividend for him and people who broker his printers.

"Used is not really the same as green," Stegora pointed out at a recent association meeting in Minneapolis. "Refurbished ID card printers that are carefully refurbished and resold with a certified green label have a lot more to offer in terms of eco-friendly - and marketing - cache, and buyers and sellers alike should take a few minutes on a company's web site to make sure they're walking the walk, not just passing off used printers that have been hastily recycled for resale."

Stegora went on to talk about the cost savings involved in going green, for him as well as customers. "Everything in our operations is both recycled and recyclable. It saves users money, too, and - here's the best part - my company actually wants your used printer back when you're done with it. We've got a complete-loop system in place that's eco-friendly as well as customer and pocket-book friendly. Who wouldn't want to have more of that?"

AmerID: Green ID Card Printers

Posted By amerid on Jul 14, 2010 at 2:13PM

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